Singlebrew’s History
Going From a Common Camping Experience to a 20 Year Success Story

In the early 80's, Singlebrew's founder was backpacking with a group of friends in the Colorado mountains, carrying a variety of cookware to make gourmet coffee (vs. instant coffee). Things were fine until a rock shifted, dumping the coffeepot into the fire and food. At that time, he thought to himself "someone should put coffee in a tea bag". He mentioned this to the group and all enthusiastically agreed it was a great idea; after all, no one in the U.S. or Canada was selling such an item.

Upon his return, he started working on the idea by subscribing to coffee and packaging trade journals, consulting with coffee experts, making calls to suppliers, arranging marketing studies and testing testing coffee varieties, roasts and grind combinations. The goal was to have a truly gourmet cup of coffee, one
single brew coffee cup at a time, prepared via microwave or with boiling water. Colorado mountain landscape where the Singlebrew gourmet coffee company idea was created.

Voila, in the late 80's, Singlebrew became the first 100% ground gourmet coffee to be put in a tea bag in North America. When a single cup of gourmet brewed coffee sounds just right, reach for Singlebrew. All you need is a microwave or boiling water and your favorite mug.

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